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Advantages of Virtual Cards for International Purchases

  • July 9, 2024
  • 3 min read
Advantages of Virtual Cards for International Purchases

Virtual cards are financial tools that exist only in digital form. They have a unique number, expiration date and CVV code, but no physical plastic carrier. They function just like physical bank cards.

Using standard bank cards for online payments can cause several problems. First, there is the risk of card data theft during transactions. Second, there may be restrictions on international purchases set by the bank.

Virtual cards offer several advantages, making them an optimal tool for online payments. In this article, we will discuss the key features of virtual cards for international purchases and, as an example, examine the PSTNET Ultima virtual card.

Advantages of Virtual Cards

  • Security:

Virtual cards provide a high level of protection against fraud due to the absence of a physical carrier and the use of modern technologies such as 3D Secure.

  • No need to visit a bank branch:

Registration and issuance of the card are done online.

  • Crypto top-up:

They can be converted to fiat currencies automatically.

  • Intuitive interface:

The user account interface is usually simple and clear, making it easy to manage the card and transactions.

  • Instant card issuance:

Virtual cards can be issued instantly through the user account with just one click.

PSTNET: Ultima Card

PSTNET is a financial platform that issues virtual Visa/Mastercard cards. All the virtual card for payment offered by the service are multi-currency and suitable for any payments in dollars or euros.

The Ultima is a virtual card with no spending or top-up limits. All transactions are protected by 3D Secure technology.

With this card, you can shop online, buy digital products or pay for services, book hotels, and pay for airline tickets. In addition, all financial operations with this card, including fund withdrawals, occur without fees or restrictions.

PSTNET: Ultima Card

Funding the Ultima Card

  • 17 cryptocurrencies: Using BTC, USDT (TRC 20), and others
  • SEPA/SWIFT bank transfers
  • Other Visa/Mastercard cards

There is a 2% top-up fee, which does not depend on the method of fund addition.

Registration and Interaction with the Service

  • Registration on the PSTNET: Platform takes a few minutes and does not require the submission of documents. You can use your Google, Telegram, Whatsapp, Apple ID, or email account.
  • Technical Support: The support service operates 24/7 and is available through various communication channels, including Telegram, WhatsApp, and email.
  • Telegram Bot: Receive 3DS codes and other service notifications via the bot.

Additional Features with PSTNET

Additional Features with PSTNET

PSTNET users have the opportunity to create digital White Label cards. These virtual cards integrate directly into company products, allowing brands to have their own payment solution.


Virtual cards offer numerous advantages for international purchases, including security, ease of use and flexible top-up options. The Ultima card from PSTNET showcases additional benefits such as no limits or restrictions, simple and fast registration, and support for multiple cryptocurrencies. Choosing the right virtual card can significantly enhance your online shopping experience and ensure reliable protection of your financial data.

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