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How Long Do Air Source Heat Pumps Last?

  • July 11, 2024
  • 5 min read
How Long Do Air Source Heat Pumps Last?

There was a time when heating your home meant lighting a fire or relying on inefficient systems that barely kept the cold out. There are now more efficient and eco-friendly ways to heat your home thanks to technological advances. One of these is the air source heat pump. These modern wonders not only heat homes well, but they also help cut down on carbon emissions. People considering this green technology need to know how long it will last. How long do heat pumps that use air last? This is something that you should think about, especially if you are looking into the air source heat pump grant, which helps a lot of homes get these systems.

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a heating system that extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it indoors to heat your home and water. It works efficiently even in cold weather, making it a popular choice for many households. A refrigerant cycle collects heat from the air outside and releases it within ASHPs, providing a continuous heat supply.

Typical Lifespan of Air Source Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) are designed to be durable and long-lasting. On average, an ASHP can last 15 to 20 years, with some units reaching up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance. ASHP longevity varies depending on unit quality, installation, maintenance, and operating circumstances.

Quality of the Unit

The lifetime of an air source heat pump largely depends on its quality. Such equipment can survive severe weather conditions and frequent use because top suppliers manufacture it. A high-quality ASHP will last longer and perform better.

Installation Process

It is essential to install an air source heat pump correctly if it is to last. A poorly installed system might cause operational troubles and diminish efficiency, decreasing its lifetime. The ASHP must be installed by competent and experienced personnel to work well and survive long.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is critical to extending the lifespan of an air source heat pump. Routine checkups and service detect and fix flaws before they become major. Remove trash from the outside unit, clean filters, check refrigerant levels, and check electrical connections. The ASHP can work well for years if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Air Source Heat Pumps

How long an air source heat pump will last depends on various factors. Knowledge of these factors can help homeowners extend the lifespan of their system.

Climate and Weather Conditions

The durability of an air-source heat pump can be influenced by the climatic conditions prevailing in your region. Air-source heat pumps will work less in mild winters and moderate climates than in extreme cold or heat. Weatherproofing and insulation may extend the life of the ASHP.

Maintenance Practices

It is very important to take care of an air source heat pump often for its long life. Ignoring regular maintenance could lessen its efficacy, lead to energy wastage, and result in breakdowns. As a homeowner, one must always adhere to what the manufacturers say about maintaining it and organise for such experts’ visits after each year is over so that everything can be put in place properly.

Maintenance Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of Air Source Heat Pumps

Ensuring that an air source heat pump is operating correctly requires regular maintenance. Here are some essential maintenance tips to keep your ASHP running efficiently for many years:

Regularly Clean or Replace Filters

A heat pump that draws air from the outside would not perform well if its filters were in bad shape. Cleaning or replacing its filters would increase its performance level and sustain optimal performance.

Inspect and Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outside unit of an air source heat pump could be blocked by dirt, debris, or leaves, which will reduce efficiency due to limited airflow.” To prevent damage to the unit while ensuring an unrestricted flow and promoting its productive operation, it is advised that one undertakes regular cleaning and maintenance of such an appliance.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels may impact air source heat pump efficiency. Check refrigerant levels often to keep the system running smoothly and extend its lifetime.

Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance is crucial for the longevity of an air source heat pump. Schedule annual check-ups with qualified technicians to inspect, clean, and service the system. Professional maintenance can identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems.


When properly maintained, air source heat pumps should be able to heat and cool your house for 15-20 years. The durability of an ASHP depends on the quality of its installation, how well it is maintained, and how it is used. Homeowners should always keep this in mind if they want their air source heat pumps to serve them well by following good care practices. 

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