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Social Media Marketing: New Tactics and Emerging Trends

  • June 10, 2024
  • 4 min read
Social Media Marketing: New Tactics and Emerging Trends

Social media holds significance in marketing as it serves as a hub for consumers seeking information about brands and exploring their offerings. Incorporating social media tactics into your marketing endeavors ensures that your messages reach various platforms frequented by your target demographics.

Additionally, you can uncover novel methods for generating and cultivating leads by sharing compelling content across diverse online channels.

How social media can help marketing teams?

1. Storytelling: Share your brand’s authentic story on social media to connect with followers.

2. Consistent branding: Maintain uniform branding across platforms for better recognition.

3. Transparency: Keep customers informed with regular updates and announcements.

4. Engagement: Interact with your audience to increase brand awareness through shares and interactions.

5. Community building: Create a loyal community around your brand for feedback and support.

6. Organic traffic: Use social media to drive website traffic and improve SEO naturally.

7. Customer support: Address inquiries promptly on social media platforms.

8. Credibility: Showcase positive reviews to build trust with potential customers.

9. Thought leadership: Share valuable industry insights to establish authority.

10. Competitor analysis: Monitor competitors’ social media for strategic insights.

11. Audience understanding: Utilize analytics to grasp audience preferences and demographics.

12. Engagement: Encourage conversation around your brand through engaging content.

13. Social listening: Stay responsive by monitoring relevant discussions and trends.

14. Hashtag strategy: Develop a strategic approach to hashtags for content visibility.

15. Blog promotion: Drive traffic to your website by sharing blog posts on social media.

16. Link building: Increase backlinks and SEO by sharing valuable content.

17. Retargeting: Use social media ads to retarget interested users.

18. Viral content: Create shareable content by tapping into trends and interests.

19. A/B testing: Optimize performance through experimentation with different ideas and messaging.

20. Sales and conversions: Strategically promote products/services for increased sales.

21. Lead generation: Capture leads and expand your customer base with lead magnets and sales pages.

Emerging trends in social media marketing

In addition to the established benefits of social media marketing, several emerging social media trends are shaping the landscape, especially the marketing strategies:

1. Engagement focus shifts to niche audiences

As social media growth plateaus, the emphasis moves to niche demographics for engagement. For example, Gen Z dominates Pinterest, presenting opportunities amidst overall slowed growth.

2. Video dominates social strategy

Video content becomes central to Social tactics, with platforms like TikTok and YouTube evolving into search destinations. Brands must align with trending topics for impactful content creation.

3. Ai integration presents risks

AI tools like ChatGPT offer efficiency but risk consumer disengagement if content feels artificial. Marketers need to balance automation with maintaining authentic brand voices.

4. Ad budgets shift to retail media

Social media platforms compete with retail giants for ad budgets, with TikTok poised to overtake YouTube in ad revenue. Brands must explore novel ad features and partnerships for impactful promotions.

5. Platform evolution confounds strategy

Platforms like X face challenges amidst transformation, impacting marketers’ strategic decisions. Adapting your social media strategy to evolving features and user behaviors is crucial for effective engagement.

6. Platforms vie for diverse audiences

Social media platforms introduce premium features amidst retention struggles. Brands focus on demonstrating diversity values, leveraging social media to reinforce brand messages.

7. Social commerce expands

Social media emerges as a hub for commerce, with platforms experimenting with in-channel purchasing. Marketers should explore innovations for seamless customer experiences.

8. Platform differentiation shapes strategy

Users select platforms based on specific purposes, necessitating tailored marketing strategies. Brands must align with platform features and community standards for effective engagement.

9. Video streaming takes center stage

Longer video formats gain prominence, with platforms like TikTok promoting extended live events. Marketers should strategize extended content streams for enhanced engagement.

10. Rising costs of social media analytics

The expense of social media analytics increases as platforms modify API access. Marketers must adapt their analytics strategies to focus on first-party data and precise visualizations.

11. Community engagement trumps virality

Marketers prioritize strategic growth over viral content, focusing on nurturing community engagement. Content strategies should sustain audience interest beyond immediate reach.

12. Asynchronous engagement emerges

Platforms introduce features for engagement beyond live events, emphasizing asynchronous participation. Marketers need to adjust streaming strategies for post-event engagement and thorough campaign analysis.


Social media marketing (SMM) offers businesses dynamic opportunities for growth through storytelling, community building, lead generation, and sales conversion. To succeed, they must stay updated on emerging trends like niche audience engagement, video content, AI integration, and social commerce. Success in SMM relies on adaptability, innovation, and understanding audience behavior. By embracing both established methods and emerging trends, businesses can thrive in the competitive digital landscape, solidifying their brand presence and fostering sustainable growth.

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