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Top 10 Easter Eggs in the GTA Series

  • December 8, 2023
  • 5 min read
Top 10 Easter Eggs in the GTA Series

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been known for interesting secrets and mysticism. Some of the secrets were just figments of the imagination of players, but there are real easter eggs in GTA. Some of them are known only by avid fans, and others have become iconic and familiar to every player. Sometimes users are looking for Easter eggs as eagerly as placing bets on or searching for the best deals in Christmas markets. Let’s look at the most famous Easter eggs in the GTA series and fantasize about what secrets Rockstar Games could leave in the sixth part.

The Size of the Moon

The Easter egg with the size of the moon is known to every player in the third part of Vice City and San Andreas. If you shoot the Earth’s satellite with a sniper rifle, it will change its size — there are several phases in total, and the secret has been kept in the Definitive Edition re-release. Recently, one of the designers admitted that this was only for testing purposes. The developers couldn’t decide on the size of the moon in any way, so several phases were drawn, but no one approved the final version — the secret remained in the game.

UFOs and Aliens

UFOs in GTA have been tried since the third part, but in Vice City, there was only a fake flying saucer at the movie studio, and in San Andreas, there were a few references and a themed cafe. However, in GTA 5, developers added a real frozen alien in the river. He can be found during the prologue in North Yankton.

However, this is just the beginning. Several FIB-flying saucers and even a sunken UFO can be found in Blaine County.

Ghost Ships

Rockstar likes to pay attention to little things that increase immersion in the game’s world. One of them was the detail with ships on the horizon from GTA: Vice City. Fans nicknamed them “ghost ships” because of their translucent silhouette and floating in the air. In the re-release, the detail disappeared, but police boats began to float in the ocean.


The legend of Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas has become one of the most popular myths, but Rockstar actually added the creature in GTA 5. He can be spotted using the thermal imager of a sniper rifle in one of the missions.

In foggy weather in the forest, you can find a unique lophophora (cactus plant), eating which will turn the player into a bigfoot. There is also a whole chain of actions in the game that will lead to a battle with a werewolf in the form of a yeti.

Wall With a Message

An interesting message is left in GTA 3. In one of the areas on the second island, you can drive a tall car (or use cheats) and jump behind a high wall. There will be a small courtyard, at the end of which there is a ledge to get outside and a message that the player shouldn’t be here.

The Liberty City Stories spin-off couldn’t avoid this secret. The way to get to the secret area remains the same, but the sign has changed to “Hello, again!”

There Is No Passphrase Here

A similar secret can be found in GTA: San Andreas. On the Gantt Bridge scoreboard, the player is told that there are no Easter eggs in this place, and he should just go. You can see the secret by air, but the easiest way is to use a jetpack.

Dragons Live Here

Not so many players remember GTA: Chinatown Wars, but it has an unusual secret. Far out in the ocean, you can find an inscription, stylized as a papyrus: “Dragons live here.” Of course, no mystical creatures live here, but the passphrase refers to a real Latin phrase, which was used to sign unexplored lands on some medieval maps.

Legends From the Past

The fate of the main characters of GTA almost always remains unknown, but Rockstar has left tidings of familiar characters in GTA 4. Alas, it’s impossible to call the secret positive: with the help of inscriptions on all sorts of walls, players were informed that Tommy, Claude, Carl, and other GTA characters are “dead.” Fans think that in this way, the developers simply let the classic trilogy go, starting a new era of the series while the characters themselves are alive and continue to engage in crime.

Gordon Freeman’s Scrap

Sometimes in GTA, there are references to other games. The developers couldn’t do without a hint to the cult Half-Life, which set a new trend for shooters. At the military base in San Andreas, you can find a recognizable red crowbar. It’s lying out of place on the table in the Black Project laboratory. Players believe that this is how Rockstar honored Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman, who worked in Black Mesa.

The Heart of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty became one of the iconic symbols of the USA, and in Grand Theft Auto 4, developers literally made a living heart for it. To see it, you just need to pass through a closed door — it will turn out to be intangible. The face of the statue in the game resembles the portrait of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and in the hand of the sculpture, there is a glass with coffee instead of a torch. This is a subtle irony of Rockstar over the situation when the politician spoke against GTA because of the scandal with erotic modification for San Andreas.

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