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Women in Poker: Spotlight on Female Pros Dominating the Tables in 2024

  • April 19, 2024
  • 5 min read
Women in Poker: Spotlight on Female Pros Dominating the Tables in 2024

Poker is and will always be the king of thrills in the world of cards. Fans love the tension between poker players and watching them bluff to snatch the pot from the rest. There are players who are celebrated by poker fans worldwide. Even online poker players worship them by following their methods and strategies. Legendary female players also dominate this fascinating world of Poker. The best part of this card game is players can compete regardless of gender. Here is the list of female pros who have taken the poker world by storm.

Best Female Pros of the Poker World

1. Vanessa Selbst – Rank 1

Vanessa Selbst is first on the All-Time Money List (ATML). Her fantastic career has won her three WSOP bracelets. Her current GPI rank is 181,961. Her total live earnings total $11,909,247.She is critically acclaimed as one of the best poker players in the world. In fact, she is one of the three female poker pros who have clinched three WSOP bracelets to date. Even after her retirement in 2018, she still holds the highest earning position. Her remarkable performance in the 2017 No Limit Hold ’em Mixed Max caught the attention of all poker fans. In that event, she won $871,148 and wooed the whole world. She competed against many male and female poker players and made her mark in this card game’s history.

2. Kristen Foxen

Kristen Foxen is a Canadian poker pro with a whopping four WSOP bracelets in her collection. Her GPI rank is 55, and her live earnings are $7,567,954. Her achievements in 2017-19 made her the GPI Female Player of the Year three years straight. She triumphed in the 2013 WSOP Ladies Event and 2016 Bounty Event and grabbed two WSOP bracelets. When the world went haywire in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, WSOP went online. She left her mark at the online tournaments and won her third WSOP bracelet by winning $356,412. She clinched her fourth bracelet at the 2023 WSOP online event. She considers Poker a mind game with no age limits. She explains that if your cognitive capabilities are strong, then Poker is your best suit.

3. Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert, another US female pro, has been one of the most formidable players in the WSOP. She has won 1 WSOP bracelet and earned cumulative live earnings of $6,896,570. Her current GPI ranking is 1453. Her career took a remarkable turn in 1994 at the WSOP and California State Championship. 

She is one of the most experienced poker players and has had a great career. In 2002, she won the prestigious Party Poker Million Cruise, clinching a pot size of a whopping $1 million. She became the first woman to achieve such a remarkable feat. Her first and only WSOP bracelet came in 2004. She is still pursuing her professional poker career at WSOP and has cashed out 106 times, totaling $1.4 million.

4. Maria Ho

Maria Ho holds the fourth rank on the ATML list. She is also an American female pro with a GPI of 422. Her total live earnings are $5,281,092. Although she has not won a WSOP bracelet yet, she has ten remarkable finishes at the WSOP events. She took her poker game from casual, friendly matches to the professional level when she graduated in 2005. She participated in the high-stakes games and finished 38th at the 2007 WSOP event with $237,865. She came second at the 2011 WSOP event and won $540,020. Ho participates in world poker events in South Africa, France, Australia, and Ireland and is a commentator on world-class events.

5. Annie Duke

Annie Duke is a US female pro poker player who has won one WSOP bracelet. Her total live earnings total $4,270,548. She retired from the poker world in 2010 and amassed this whopping sum. She won her bracelet at the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions. Despite her charming wins, she was involved in the infamous Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker Scandal.

6. Annette Obrestad

Annette is a Norwegian poker player who has earned critical acclaim. She has earned a total of $3,942,232 and holds one WSOP bracelet. She was only 18 when she won the prestigious WSOP Europe Main Event in 2007. Her total win made her the second-highest Norwegian after Felix Stephensen on the ATML list. She stopped attending school to play Poker and made her first breakthrough in 2006 at the Ultimate Bet Aruba Poker Classic Championships. After clinching the 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event, she received many sponsorships from various poker sites. She traveled the world playing Poker for her sponsors. She left the poker world in 2012 and started her makeup channel on YouTube.

7. Liv Boeree

Live Boeree is a British poker pro with one WSOP bracelet in her bag. She has also won one European Poker Tour (EPT) title. In fact, she is the only female poker player who has clinched a WSOP and an EPT title. She outplayed 1240 players to win the EPT title. This beautiful poker player is an astrophysicist. She completed her degree from the University of Manchester and stepped into the poker world in 2005. Her whopping career has 25 WSOP cashes, along with her boyfriend. She also hosted a TED Talk where she explained how to make efficient decisions to the audience in 2018. She got a lot of sponsorships from top poker sites and played Poker worldwide.

8. Loni Hui

Loni Hui is an American female poker pro who has two WSOP bracelets. Her total live earnings are $3,726,293, and her current GPT rank is 763. She shot to fame when she won five WSOP Circuit rings. Her first WSO bracelet came in 2013 when she won a whopping $609,017. She topped a list of 2541 players at that event and clinched her first title. She then again won the same title in 2015, winning $341,599.

Take Inspiration and Be Large at Online Poker

The top female poker pros have shown us how to play this game. Their winnings and titles inspire female poker fans worldwide. Follow their poker game strategies and discover how they stand out from the crowd to become world famous.

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