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Carrie Cotterell: Wife of Joe Root

  • March 13, 2024
  • 5 min read
Carrie Cotterell: Wife of Joe Root

Today the concept of the article is related to one of your favourite cricketers. Cricket is commonly loved all over the world. A lot of interesting tournaments just passed and many more are going to come. So everyone loves somebody in cricket. Cricket players do not have their fans from their own country only but they have fans all over the world where cricket is being watched on a huge scale. So today we will discuss about Carrie Cotterell. Those who don’t know let me tell you she is none other than our beloved and great player Joe Root’s wife.

Everyone wants to know about their favourite cricketer more. Joe Root has a great fan base. All the fans are mostly interested in the love life of the person to whom they follow. So we will share everything about his wife. How did they start dating, when did it happen, what’s the current status of them, and the proper information on Carrie Cotterell? So to get all this amazing information read the article till the end without skipping a single word.

About Carrie Cotterell

Carrie Cotterell is the wife of great England cricketer Joe Root. Carrie always supported her husband in every situation like a real and true partner. When Joe Root decided to leave the captaincy of the team then also she was a great support to her husband. She keeps herself away from the media. She loves to keep her life private. Still after researching we got to know that she used to work in a bar. The name of the bar is The Arc. It is located in located in Headingley, Leeds. This is the place where the great cricketer found her love.

Carrie Cotterell is 34 years old. Her Instagram handle is carrieroot89. Carrie and Joe started dating in 2014. Joe Root proposed to her in 2018 but they both got engaged in 2016. That news spread like air in the air. Just love is in the air. They both became parents after some time when Carrie gave birth to their first son. Then the main thing happened in 2018 which is a deed indeed in every relationship. They got married in December 2018. Due to all this, she got a massive fame. Now when your name is attached to Joe Root then why will you not get famous? Now Carrie doesn’t work anymore anywhere. She is a great housewife now.

About Carrie Cotterell’s husband

As you all already know about her husband. Still a short glance at him. The great cricketer Joe Root’s birth date is 30th December 1990. He resides in Sheffield, England. Root record in cricket is great. Especially his test career is something that gave his career popularity. He has more centuries in tests than Virat Kohli. The way he batted in the last 2 test matches against India was also appreciable. His records against India are pretty good. He loves to play against India. He is 6 feet tall. The great thing is that he is not only a batsman anymore. He impacted the cricket World with his bowling as well. He bats right-handedly. Along with that, he is an off-spinner.

Carrie Cotterell and Joe Root Couple views about each other

As I have said already they both support each other and praise as well. Carrie Cotterell respects the game cricket of her husband. On the other hand, she also feels bad sometimes I think the right word will be sad instead of bad because he travels most of the time due to his game. It is an obvious thing to feel like this when somebody whom you love the most in the whole world is away from you. Still, she said it’s his work and I totally understand and respect his profession. Even on the occasion of Father’s Day, she made a statement that if their son Alfred who is really cute. If Alfred grows up to the half of the man his father is then he will be a diamond. This shows how much she loves her husband.

On the other hand, Joe Root also praised her for how she is handling all things. The whole family, their kids, and all about what is necessary. She is doing that all alone without complaining about it. He also stated that sometimes it happens that he goes out with his wife physically but mentally he is involved in the game. About what has to be done, how things can be improved in the game and what mistakes should be improved etc. He said it’s not easy for her still she is supporting to the fullest without any complaints.

Carrie Cotterell
Carrie Cotterell


Lastly, I only want to say that while I was writing this article I felt like a companion like them is a great and the main part of life. I mean after some time everybody needs a partner to move further in their life and start a new life. If you get a good partner your life will be amazing. A supportive companion who respects you and understands the situations of your life. This makes life heaven. The way she is supporting Joe Root is tremendous. She is taking care of the house and the family by herself only. I also believe that once Joe Root will retire he will definitely give all his time and immense love to his wife and kids. Home sweet home. The place where every problem feels like nothing.

Hope you got all the information through this article. Thank you for reading this article till the end. We will see you in the next article with some more great facts and information. Till then stay happy and spend some time with the family.


  • She worked in a bar named The Arc
  • Carrie is a mother of two sons
  • Her bar was in Headingley where Joe Root used to come to play cricket for a club
  • Carrie became a mother in 2017
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