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Daniel Balaji Wife: Death, Wife, Career, More

  • May 22, 2024
  • 5 min read
Daniel Balaji Wife: Death, Wife, Career, More

You might have come across this amazing personality named Daniel Balaji. He was a popular actor from India who is famous for his performances in South Indian movies. He established his name and made significant contributions to Tamil and Malayalam cinema. However, you might be curious to know about her wife. Right? Well, in this blog you will be provided all answers to your questions. Moreover, through this blog, you will be provided with all the information related to this amazing personality. You just need to stick around with this blog till the end of the discussion. This blog is all about Daniel Balaji Wife

Moreover, this fact has been considered that you might be having several doubts and concerns in your mind related to him. However, no worries. This blog comes up to provide you with the best possible info available about this legend. You just need to be vigorously present around this blog till the end of the discussion. Furthermore, this blog is going to be very interesting and exciting for those who love watching south movies or admire Daniel Balaji. Hence, without wasting any time, it is time to start this blog.  

About Daniel Balaji

Daniel Balaji was a prominent Indian actor who was popular because of his performance in south Indian movies. Moreover, he was particularly known for his roles in Tamil and Malayalam cinema. In addition to this, he won the hearts of millions of people with his incredible talent and acting. Apart from that, he was born on 2nd of December, 1975 in Chennai. In his childhood, he was very much influenced by Telugu and Tamil cinema. Moreover, he is well-known for movies like Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vettaiyaadu. He gave an extraordinary performance in these movies. Apart from that, his character in movies such as Bhagvavan, Black and Daddy cool added a new spark in Malayalam cinema. He showcased his talent and versatility as an actor in many of his Tamil and Malayalam movies. Further, you will be provided with more information on this amazing personality. You just need to stay connected till the end of this blog.

Daniel Balaji Wife: Overview 

Name – T. C. Balaji

Known as – Daniel Balaji 

Profession – Indian actor

Date of birth – 2nd December, 1975

Place of birth – Chennai, India 

Death – 29th May, 2024

Age (at the time of death – 48 years old 

Cause of death – Heart attack 

Nationality – Indian 

Education – Film Direction course at Taramani Film Institute, Chennai

Known as – Tamil and Malayalam Movies


Daniel was very passionate about acting career from a very young age. He always wanted to become an actor and a famous producer. Hence, for the same reason, he completed his studies in Film Direction in Taramani Film Institute, Chennai. Apart from that, he was casted in a serial named Chithi. Furthermore, with his charming looks, he made everyone a great fan of him. After that, he made his entry in various movies like Vettaiyaadu Vettaiyaadu in 2006, Maayavan in 2017, Vada Chennai in 2018 and much more. 


Daniel was born to a Telegu father and Tamil mother. Moreover, he has an uncle named Siddhalingaiah, the father of famous Tamil actor Murali. Apart from that, his nephew is also a famous actor named Atharvaa. Moreover, any other details about his family are private and hidden.

Daniel Balaji Wife

Even after so much success and fame, the actor remained unmarried throughout his life. Moreover, he said that marriage was not his cup of tea. However, in an interview, he added that whenever his mother inquired about marriage, there was no suitable match according to Daniel. He said that he met many potential matches, but his horoscopes do not align with any of them. Furthermore, he discovered that his astrological chart indicates a Brahmachari life. Hence, for the same reason, the actor remained single and unmarried throughout his life.

Daniel Balaji Wife
Daniel Balaji Wife

Cause of Death 

Daniel, the popular Indian actor famous for his performance in Tamil and Malayalam movies, died on 29th of March, 2024. However, according to the sources, it is said that the cause of his death is a heart attack. He had a sudden cardiac attack which led to an immediate loss of his life. 

Final words

Without a doubt, Daniel Balaji Wife does not exist as he decided to follow the life of a brahmachari. However, he was a great person and had a great personality. In addition to this, he is the one of most prominent Indian actors that have established their names in Tamil and Malayalam cinema. If you haven’t watched any of his movies, you are missing his incredible performances. Moreover, we are sad to hear the news of the demise of this amazing star. May his soul rest in peace. Tell us your thoughts on the same in the comments section. See you in the next blog. Till then, bye. Have a nice day folks!


  • Daneil started his career with the Kollywood industry, which is Tamil film industry. 
  • After that, he worked in a few TV serials including Alaigal in the year 2001.
  • He played the role of Daniel in a TV show, after which he was given a stage name of Daniel Balaji by a director named Sunder K. Vijayan. 
  • His popular performances are in Tamil and Malayalam films such as Kaakha Kaakha, Polladhavan, Kottai Veeran in Bairavaa and many more.
  • He played the role of a hero in Tamil film Muthirai (2009) and played the character of Azhagu. 
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