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Edwards Cinema & Regal Cinema in full detail

  • April 16, 2024
  • 5 min read
Edwards Cinema & Regal Cinema in full detail


Edwards Cinema: Evidently, entertainment is a huge and significant part of most of our lives. Hectic schedules and exhausting days do tend to make people crave some entertainment at the end of the day. Furthermore, we all know how many choices in sources of entertainment we have got as of now. However, watching movies and shows are the classic choice. For the same purpose, there are various OTT platforms out there in the world of entertainment. But the thing is that the OTT experience can’t ever compete and be at par with the cinema/theatre experience. Watching films/movies in a theatre is certainly a unique and more immersive expertise than any other.

Well, are you someone who often visits cinemas and theatres to treat yourself with a movie? Furthermore, have you ever heard of the name or visited one of the Edwards Cinema? And, are you interested in knowing more about it? If you are then you will be totally covered here in that regard. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything about this movie theatre chain that you need to know. And while packing this blog with all the relevant information we will be very elaborate and accurate. Therefore, reading this would be beneficial for you. That is why we encourage you to read this till the end.

Overview and details of Edwards Cinema and Regal Cinema

  • Official name- Regal Entertainment Group
  • Other names- Regal Cinema, Edwards Cinema (subsidiary) and United Artists Theatres (subsidiary)
  • Type of Company/organization- Subsidiary, entertainment and cinema
  • Industry- movie theatre chain
  • Founded- 30th July 1924
  • Headquarters- Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
  • Total number of locations as of now- 511 locations
  • Key people- Moshe J Greidinger (Chairman and CEO) & Matter Eyre (President and COO)
  • Number of employees- more than 26000 (According to data from 2018. Hence, by now the number must have increased.
  • Parent company- Cineworld
  • Subsidiaries of Regal Entertainment Group- Cinebarre, United Artists Theatres and Edward theatres
  • Website-

All you need to know about Regal Entertainment Group/Regal Cinemas (Edwards Cinema)

Evidently, Regal Cinemas is also popularly known as Regal Entertainment Group which is its official name. Basically, this organization can be described as an American movie theatre chain. Additionally, the headquarters of this popular movie theatre chain is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Furthermore, this is known to be a division of Cineworld. According to sources, Regal is known to operate USA’s 2nd largest theatre chain. According to data from 31st December 2021, this movie theatre chain is known to operate at 511 locations. Further, within these 511 locations there are exactly 6853 total screens.

Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres, and United Artists Theatres are the three main subsidiaries and theatre brands under Regal Entertainment Group. This group is known to have acquired various other smaller theatre chains in the past. Initially, Regal used to be an independent body/organization. However, on 5th December 2017 Cineworld acquired Regal Entertainment Group for the price of $3.6 billion. Consequently, Cineworld went on to become the second largest global cinema exhibitor only behind AMC.

About Edwards Cinema/theatres: A Subsidiary of Regal Entertainment Group

Edwards theatres or cinema is a very well recognised and prominent American movie theatre brand. Evidently, all its operations are handled by its parent company i.e., Cineworld. Furthermore, Cineworld handles this brand through its Regal Cinemas chain. Hence, it is a subsidiary of Regal Entertainment Group. Initially, this brand of movie theatre was found back in the year 1930. The individual who found out is named William James Edward Jr.

In the start this brand worked as an independent movie theatre chain in California, USA. However, later it got merged with Regal Cinemas and United Artists Theatres. This happened exactly back in the year 2002. Moreover, the thing to notice here is that even though Regal Entertainment Group had taken over Edwards, many theatres in California are still branded as Edwards instead of Regal. According to them the reason behind this is for marketing purposes.

Edwards Cinema
Edwards Cinema

A brief history of Edwards Cinema and Theatres

To take a look at the start of Edwards Theatre we have to go back in the year 1930. It all started when the Mission Theatre located in Monterey Park, California was bought and acquired by William James Edwards Jr in 1930. Evidently, this “Mission Theatre” previously used to be a silent movie theatre. Additionally, according to the sources he made this purchase when he was just 23 years old. Thereafter, he is known to have paid $200 to appraise the whole property even though the theatre proprietor strongly advised him against it. Then a tragedy followed when it got put for sale for various reasons. However, Edwards made a comeback and reopened it on 9th October 1930 as the Monterey Theatre. On the reopening day the first screening was a premiere of “Hell’s Angels” blockbuster film by Howard Hughes.

Thereafter, he acquired as well as renovated the Raymond Theatre in California. After this he constantly grew and expanded with more locations opening up after acquisitions. By the year 1961, Edwards named to successfully operate more than 90 screens in California. Evidently, in the same year the founder Edwards retired after suffering from a heart attack. Then he sold most of the theatres under the brand but kept 10 screens in San Gabriel Valley. This brand has had a vaster journey full of ups and downs. In 2002, this brand got acquired by Regal Entertainment Group as its subsidiary


Indeed, Regal Entertainment Group and all its subsidiaries such as the Edwards Cinema are all well established, influential and profitable brands that originated out of America. In the coming years, this brand will manage to achieve more heights and grow. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that this was informative enough and we managed to stand up to your expectations. Lastly, if this blog was worth your time consider checking more from our catalogue.

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