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Gotei 13 From “Bleach” Anime Series in Detail

  • March 19, 2024
  • 6 min read
Gotei 13 From “Bleach” Anime Series in Detail


Gotei 13: In this world of entertainment seekers, do you fulfill your cravings by watching anime shows and movies? Furthermore, have you come around and started watching this anime series named Bleach? And, are you looking on the internet to know more about Gotei 13 from its narrative specifically? Well, stay tuned because in this blog we are going to discuss the whole concept of Gotei and everything related to it. We will be very elaborate and comprehensive. Therefore, you are about to learn a lot of new things about it. In short, this is an information packed blog that will end up benefiting you. Whereas, it is surely going to entertain you. That is why please consider reading this blog till the end.

A famous dialogue related to Gotei 13 in the narrative of this anime series “Bleach”

In the narrative of this anime series, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto said the following:

“They give their lives to vanquish a great evil. That is the nature of Gotei 13.”

Overview and details of Gotei 13

Name- Gotei 13

Other Names- “13 Division Imperial Guards” and “Thirteen Court Guard Companies”

Japanese Name- 護廷十三隊, Goteijūsantai

Founder- Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Headquarters- Seireitei, Soul Society

Leader Position- Captain-Conmander

Senior member position- Captains of the Gotei 13

Division- 13

Description- Army

Affiliations- Soul Society, Royal Guard Kido Corps and Onmitsukido

Purpose- To serve as the defence and offence force

What is Gotei 13?

Gotei 13 can be described as a military or army. Evidently, it is the primary military force branch of Soul Society in the narrative of this anime series. Indeed, this plays a very vital ans significant role in this anime series Bleach. Furthermore, it is also known as various other names like “13 Division Imperial Guards” and “Thirteen Court Guard Companies”. Most Shinigamis who graduate from Shino Academy end up joining this military organization. Its headquarters are in Seireitei, Soul Society. It provides all the defence and offensive power Soul Society needs in case of threats. Now, let’s move on to talking about its history.

History of Gotei 13 in the narrative of this anime series “Bleach”

Evidently, most of the history of Gotei 13 is unknown. However, this organisation’s founder is Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. Additionally, he had held the position of head of this group since the time it was established. Furthermore, the original Gotei 13 were known as Defenders. And they consisted of the most dangerous killers working as a mob in Seireitei. For the same reason, they had an image that others were afraid of. This helped them in efficiently enforcing law and order. Additionally, they were the ones responsible for extermination of Quincy race while enforcing order in their way. The actions of Quincy race were threatening many lives.

However, after extermination of Quincy race the Gotei 13 and their way of working changed considerably. Specifically, the became much less brutal than before. And, their ways of ensuing and implementing peace was no more barbaric. At this moment they seemed to have found a sense of justice. Also, they found some valuable things while exploring and discovery that they would protect like treasure. The first generation of the Gotei is considered to be the strongest version by Shunsui Kyoraku. Lastly, below we have provided a list of the first-generation members of the Gotei 13:

  • Yamamoto
  • Chika Shihoin
  • Kinroku Izuhara
  • Chigiri Shijima
  • Danjiro Obana
  • Furofushi Saito
  • Nobutsuna Shigyo
  • Batsuunai Katori
  • Entetsu Kumoi
  • Furuoki Otogawa
  • Yachiru Unohana
  • Uhin Zenjoji
  • Saizo Sakahone

What is the mission and objective of Gotei 13?

As has been noted, they serve as the primary military force of the Soul Society. Furthermore, their various responsibilities are listed down below:

  • To cover the defence of the centre of Soul Society i.e., Seireitei.
  • With the purpose of combat operations, they have the responsibility of deploying members of divisions into the territory of enemy.
  • Also, they deploy various task forces in the human world for defensive purposes.
  • Lastly, they also have the mission to guide souls from human world back to Soul Society.

What are the ways of becoming a Gotei 13 Captain?

  • First, there is the Captain Proficiency Test. Basically, this test requires the individual to inhibit an ability to perform Bankai. Most of the Shinigami become captain by utilizing this method. Evidently, it is necessary that at least three captains witness this test. This also includes the captain commander.
  • Thereafter, the second way of doing so is through personal recommendation.  To achieve this the individual needs to have personal recommendation from at least six captains. Not just that, approval is also necessary from at least three of the other seven captains.
  • Lastly, there is the option of Trial by Combat. It is simple to understand. Basically, an individual needs to defeat and kill an existing captain in one versus one fight. However, there needs to be at least 200 witnesses from that captain’s division present there. This is the least refined method to become a captain. Also, it is the rarest among the three.
Gotei 13
Gotei 13

All you need to know about the structure of Gotei 13

Basically, you need to understand that it is made up of total 13 divisions. Furthermore, particular divisions have their own specializations and unique skillsets. The whole of Gotei thirteen is supervised, guided and led by the captain Commander. The captain commander has the authority to conduct all the affairs. However, if there are any civil or legislative matters related to Soul Society the authority is held by Central 46 Chambers.


Indeed, Gotei 13 is a very critical part of the narrative of this anime series i.e., Bleach. Furthermore, it is very much loved by audiences belonging from different parts of the world. Also, this anime series has been airing for a long time and still continues to maintain the same hype as always. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to entertain you. We packed this blog full of information so that you completely understand the concept. Lastly, we have various other similar blogs that are related to anime. Hence, consider checking them out if you find something interesting.

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