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Itsu Menu & Everything Else That You Need to Know

  • April 20, 2024
  • 6 min read
Itsu Menu & Everything Else That You Need to Know


Itsu Menu: Undeniably, food is a crucial part of every being’s life on this planet. Evidently, food is one of the basic necessities that every creature on this planet needs to survive. Furthermore, for humans, food is way more than a basic necessity. Who does not like trying out new food? Cuisines and dishes to enjoy different flavors. Indeed, humans have so many options in food as of now. There are many cuisines and dishes from around the world. In fact, it would be like a journey for someone to try tasting different foods. Well, are you a foodie at Soul who loves trying out as well as exploring different kinds of meals and dishes? Moreover, have you ever heard of the name or maybe visited one of the outlets of Itsu fast food chain?

And, are you interested in knowing more about it and what is offered in these fast-food restaurants? If you are then you will find everything that you are looking for here. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about this fast-food restaurant chain such as its menu, history and more. While doing so we are going to be very elaborate and detailed. For the same reason, this blog is going to be packed with all the relevant information that you need. Meanwhile, we would like to request you to read this blog completely.

Overview and details of Itsu (Itsu Menu)

  • Name- Itsu
  • Type of Company- Private
  • Industry- Fast Food Casual Restaurant
  • Founded- 1997
  • Founder- Julian Metcalfe
  • Headquarters- London, England, UK
  • Total number of locations- 77
  • Key people- Clive Edward Benedict Schlee
  • Products- food, grocery and drinks
  • Number of employees- 852 (according to data from 2020)
  • Website-

All that you need to know about Itsu (Itsu Menu)

Itsu is a very popular name in the world of fast food. Evidently, Itsu is a British chain of fast-food restaurants and shops. Whereas, it is also a grocery company that provides essential grocery items to its customers. Moreover, the cuisine of these fast-food restaurants is inspired by East Asia. This brand is also known to offer franchises. However, this brand is owned privately. This brand is basically in the industry of Fast Casual Restaurants and Groceries.

Evidently, this brand got founded back in the year 1997. And, the founder of this brand Itsu is Julian Metcalfe. Currently, the headquarters of this brand is located in London, England. According to data from 2020, there were a total of 77 locations including 852 employees. Lastly, Clive Schlee is the current CEO of this fast-food chain brand.

Items included in the Itsu Menu are listed down below along with their prices

Undeniably, Itsu has a very diverse menu including different kinds of meals. Furthermore, they constantly innovate and introduce new items. They are very popular for the quality of food and the taste that they serve to the customers. The price/cost of their food items may vary from one outlet to another. For the same reason, we encourage you to check out their menu and the prices of items on their official website for specific items. However, we have provided below the usual and common prices of these food items:

  • Salmon Full House: £12.50
  • Sushi Festival: £9.25
  • Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl: £9.25
  • Chicken & Spring Onion Gyoza: £7.75
  • Chicken Teriyaki Combo Deal: £15.95
  • Butterfly Light: £13.00
  • Combo Deal: £15.95
  • Protein-Packed: £15.75
  • Revive & Restore: £30.18
  • Eat Beautiful: £39.74
  • Salmon California Platter: £25.46
  • Sushi Dragon Platter: £27.16
  • Big Veggie Platter: £25.46
  • Prawn Salmon Platter: £25.46
  • Sushi & Sashimi Platter: £23.30
  • Party Platter: £42.46
  • Baby Salmon Rolls Set: £9.95
  • Sushi Festival Set: £11.25
  • Health & Happiness Set: £14.25
  • Salmon Full House Set: £14.55
  • Itsu Classic Set: £14.25
  • No Meat Monday Sets: £11.95
  • Salmon Superfood Salad Set: £12.95
  • Health & Happiness: £12.50
  • Salmon Full House: £12.50
  • Itsu Classics: £12.25
  • Veggie Sushi Collection: £10.50
  • Sushi Festival: £9.25
  • Super Salmon Light: £8.75
  • Chicken Teriyaki on A Bed: £8.50
  • Salmon Teriyaki on A Bed: £8.50
  • No Meat Mondays: £10.25
  • Salmon Superfood Salad: £11.25
  • Salmon & Avo Dragon Rolls: £7.50
  • Veggie Maki: £5.75
  • Avo Baby Rolls: £6.25
  • Salmon Baby Rolls: £7.50
  • Salmon Sushi: £6.50
  • Salmon Sashimi: £7.25
  • California Rolls: £6.75
  • And many more items.

Itsu’s history, controversy, and expansion (Itsu Menu)

As has been noted, the chain of Itsu was founded by Julian Metcalfe back in 1997. Well, the name of this company i.e., Itsu means “whenever” in Japanese. Initially, this brand focused on serving just a few items. However, as time has passed, they have managed to provide even more options to their customers. In fact, now they have even jumped into the Grocery industry. There is a huge controversy related to this brand. In 2006, some traces of Polonium 210 were found in Itsu’s Piccadilly branch of London. Basically, it is a deadly isotope poison.

These traces were found after Alexander Litvinenko got poisoned. Evidently, he had dinner at this branch the same day he suffered from poisoning. Evidently, the first-ever restaurant of this brand was opened in Chelsea, London in 1997. Thereafter, in September 2013 the first restaurant branch opened outside London, it was located in Oxford. Since then, this brand has been constantly evolving and expanding. As of 2022, they have a total of 76 branches in all of England. Lastly, apart from the UK this brand is also present in Paris and Brussels.

Itsu Menu
Itsu Menu

About the founder of Itsu Julian Metcalfe (Itsu Menu)

His full name is Julian Edward Metcalfe OBE. Evidently, he came into the world on 14th December 1959. That makes him 64 years old as of now. He is a British individual who is known to be a very skilled and intelligent businessman. He is most prominently known for being the founder as well as CEO of ITSU. Whereas, he also gained a lot of recognition as the Founder of Metcalfe’s Food Company. Currently, he is married to Brooke Douglas de Ocampo. He is also a father to a total of three children. Initially, he founded Pret A Manager which was a sandwich shop. Thereafter, he delved into founding other food related businesses.

The food served at Itsu’s outlets (Itsu Menu)

Evidently, the most popular items on the menu of Itsu are sushi. People are really fond of eating their sushi. According to many, the way this sushi is made is really a delight when consumed. The most prominent sushi dishes are Salmon Full House and the Veggie Sushi Collection. Also, aside from the taste they also put a lot of effort into the presentation before serving. Currently, there are many people out there who have limited their diet to plant-based nutrition. For such people, Vegan friendly options are also included in the menu. People who prefer plant-based meals really enjoy their meals here such as Paradise Race, Veggie Gyoza Noodles Bowl, Baby Rolls and many more.


Indeed, if you haven’t yet tried out food from this restaurant chain then we strongly recommend it. Surely, you will have a great experience with their services. Moreover, you can decide to try out different kinds of food items from their diverse menu. And, we suggest that you go there with an open mind and no expectations. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we stood up to your expectations and gave you enough information. Lastly, there are tons of other blogs where this came from. Hence, consider checking some out.

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