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Legend of Hanuman: A Detailed Review

  • June 29, 2024
  • 5 min read
Legend of Hanuman: A Detailed Review


The Legend of Hanuman is an Indian animated series aired on Disney + Hotstar in 2021. This series is made by Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J. Kang and Charuvi Agarwal. Further, produced by Graphic India. This story revolves around the Hanuman, the monkey God, and his role in the epic Ramayana. The series has four seasons and each season consists of more than 10 episodes. One of the key highlights of this series is its animation. This series has come up with a realistic approach to detecting the characters and the settings. The animation is quite smooth and fluid, along with the dynamic and thrilling action scenes. The colours are utilised in a creative manner that shows a rich and vibrant colour palette. The series integrates cultural and mythological elements such as symbols, costumes, architecture, themes and many more.

In order to create an authentic and immersive experience for the viewers. The background music of this series is also captivating and impressive. The series’ original soundtrack was composed by Dhruv Ghanekar, one of the most popular composers in the industry. He also composed the music for another popular animated series based on Indian mythology, Chhota Bheem. The music of the series is a mixture of traditional and modern elements. For instance, classical instruments, folk tunes, rock beats, etc. The music indeed matches the theme and atmosphere of each scene, whether it is calm or tense, joyful or sorrowful, epic or intimate. Undoubtedly, the music ensures the emotion and impact of events in the series.

Key Details

  • IMDB Rating- 9.1/10
  • Most rated episode- 9.4/10 Episode 2 (Season 4)
  • Release date- January 29, 2021 (India)
  • Network- Disney+ HotstarDisney+ Hotstar
  • Languages- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali
  • Also acknowledged as- Легенда о Ханумане
  • Production companies- Graphic India, Charuvi Design Labs
  • Number of seasons- 4
  • Number of episodes- 32
  • Genre- Animation, Epic
  • Written by-  Sharad Devarajan, Ashwin Pande, Sarwat Chaddha, Arshad Syed
  • Directed by- Jeevan J. Kang, Navin John
  • Narrated by- Sharad Kelkar
  • Country of origin- India
  • Runtime- 25 minutes
  • Color- Color
  • Sound mix- Stereo
  • Aspect ratio- 16 : 9

Number of seasons

The series has evolved around Hanuman’s adventures and his journey of Self-discovery. The story begins with Hanuman as a powerful, but humble being who does not know about his strength and potential. The Series shelters his roles in the epic Ramayana and shows dedication to Lord Ram and his battle against Demons and evil forces. The first season of this series premiered on 29 January 2021, with 39 episodes. After that, the second season was aired on 27 July 2021 with 13 episodes. However, a third season contains of six episodes and released back on 12 January 2024. The fourth season was released on 5th June 2024 and has 5 episodes released yet.

Plot Summary of all Seasons of “Legend Of Hanuman” All You Need To Know About

The first season starts with a Hanuman as a simple forest resident, who is unacquainted with his godly origin and enormous power., As the story continues, Hanuman go on a journey of self-discovery and realise his true purpose and potential.

The series with a young Hanuman, who he lives a simple life in the forest, surrounded by other forest, dwellers and animals. After that, as the story goes ahead, Hanuman made several characters from the Ramayana such as Sugriva, Jambavan, and Angada. As he encounters the events, he starts to discover his power and his mentor Jambavan and others guide and help him realise his potential. He acquires his ability to fly and other superhuman strength. For this reason, he crosses the ocean to reach Lanka where Sita is held captive.

The climax of this season mainly focuses on Hanuman’s mission to find Sita, who has been kidnapped by the Ravana. For this reason, he crosses the ocean to reach Lanka where Sita is imprisoned. He continues his effort to locate Sita and delivers a message from Lord Ram to her. When we meet Sita, reassure her of Lord Rama’s forthcoming arrival to rescue her. He showcases his power when he burns down parts of Lanka with his fiery tail.

After that when he returns to Lord Rama, he tells crucial information about Sita’s whereabouts along with the strength and weakness of Ravana. The last season of this series emphasises moral and ethical lessons, showcasing Hanuman, unwavering, devotion and bravery. According to information provided by the Hanuman, the army of Ram attacked in the Lanka and defeated Demon Ravana. the last season of this series emphasises moral and ethical lessons, showcasing Hanuman, unwavering devotion and bravery.

Major Voice actors

  • Sanket Mhatre as Shree Ram
  • Surbhi Pandey as Sita
  • Damandeep Singh Baggan as Hanuman and Void Demon
  • Sharad Kelkar as Ravana
  • Richard Joel as Lakshmana
  • Girish Sahdev as Vibhishana
  • Ganesh Divekar as Indrajit
  • Shakti Singh as Jambavana
  • Pushkar Vijay as Angada
  • Shailendra Pandey as Pavan Dev

What makes “Legend Of Hanuman” so popular among the audience?

Well, its animation and voice acting make this series popular and prominent among the audience. The animation and voice acting of the series is one of the key highlights of its success. The series indeed uses advanced graphics and a realistic approach to defect the characters and themes. On the other hand, the series features, a talented and experienced cast of voice actors who bring life and emotion to their characters. The animation and voice acting are linking each other, which captivates the whole visuals. The production has done a good job in terms of lighting and other things. They have used a vibrant theme to create a distinction between the light and the dark, the good and the evil. Alongside, voice actors also deliver dialogue with clarity and expression to convey the personality and motivation of their characters.

Legend of Hanuman
Legend of Hanuman

Final words

The Legend of Hanuman is an extraordinary animated series that demonstrates the most beloved characters in Indian mythology. Furthermore, the series has high-quality animation, which captivates viewers of all ages and gives you Goosebumps. this series has given tribute to the rich and diverse culture of India. This is the end of this blog. Toddles!

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