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SIP Calculator SBI: Calculate Returns Easily 

  • May 13, 2024
  • 6 min read
SIP Calculator SBI: Calculate Returns Easily 

The mutual funds industry is growing day by day. It has gradually increased from ₹5.83 trillion to ₹24.25 trillion according to data calculated by Association of Mutual Funds in India. Moreover, Indians are getting aware about mutual funds and have started availing benefits from it. However, at the initial stage, there is still a lot of confusion among the beginners and a lot of things need to be cleared before they start investing in mutual funds. Hence, this blog will help you out in the same. In this blog, you will get to know how to calculate your amount of return on your investment. You just need to stick around with this blog till the end of the discussion. Thus, this blog is all about sip calculator sbi. 

Moreover, this fact has been considered that you might be having several doubts and concerns in your mind related to this. However, no worries. This blog comes up to provide you with the best possible info available about the mutual funds and its rate of return. You just need to be actively present around this blog till the end of it. Furthermore, this blog is going to be very helpful and informative for those who are looking forward to investing in mutual funds. Hence, without wasting any time, it is time to start this blog.

About SIP Calculator SBI

Currently, mutual funds is one of the booming industries in the world. Everyone wants to make money by investing in a secured and a systematic investment plan. Mutual funds are one of those. It has an SIP system. The full form of SIP is Systematic Investment Plan. It is a mode of investing in a planned manner. It is almost the same as Recurring Deposits in which you deposit a small amount every month towards a mutual fund scheme. SIPs are more secured and more strategic and planned. 

Why you should choose SIP Calculator SBI

It provides you with the most accurate estimate of your SIP returns. However, the mutual funds are subject to market risks, then it may be slightly riskier to use. 

Calculating your return of investment in mutual funds is quite difficult if done manually. Even if you know the formula, it might be time consuming for you. Hence, the SIP calculator can help you get accurate results without wasting your precious time. 

After getting the suitable results instantly, you can do financial planning for your future. 

The SIP calculators are easy to use and access. You don’t need any market expert to use or operate this platform. 

How to determine SIP Returns 

The SIP calculator of SBI use 4 variables to arrive at the anticipated results after the investment period. The formula is given below:

FV = [P x R x ( 1+i )n – 1/i] x (1 + i)

Fv – Future Value 

P – SIP amount

i – Compound Rate of Return

R – Expected Rate of Return 

n – Number of installments made 

The complex calculation can be a little difficult and time consuming. If you want to check the returns for different variables, it can take an hour. Thus, SIP calculator of SBI allows to manage the task efficiently and in a quick time. 

For example, you make a SIP investment of ₹2000 for the duration of 2 years with estimated returns of 12%. The calculator will provide you instant results.

Amount invested – ₹24000

Estimated return – ₹25,619

wealth gain – ₹1619

The list of projected SIP returns based on duration is given below:

Duration        SIP Amount         Estimated returns 

1 year                2000                      0.3 lakhs

5 year               2000                      1.6 lakhs

8 year               2000                      3.2 lakhs 

10 year             2000                      4.6 lakhs

12 year             2000                       6.4 lakhs 

15 year             2000                       10.1 lakhs 

18 year             2000                       15.3 lakhs 

20 years           2000                       20 lakhs

22 years           2000                       25.9 lakhs

25 years           2000                       38 lakhs

Use the SIP calculator online 

The SIP calculator of SBI is accessible on the Groww website. It is easy to use and access it from there. Moreover, the platform will provide you with the instant results automatically. 

Advantages of SIP calculator 

The SIP calculator is a great tool for the mutual fund investors. It has several benefits which are given below:

  • Calculating estimated return of mutual funds manually can be difficult and complex. Hence, the SIP calculator of SBI can save your time and energy. 
  • The SBI SIP calculator is almost accurate and instant. It will provide you accurate results instantly without any delay. Hence, you can make financial plans accordingly. 
  • It is a powerful tool which is available online and can be accessed easily without any hassle or extra effort. 
sip calculator sbi
sip calculator sbi

Final words 

Without a doubt, sip calculator sbi is a great and powerful tool for all the investors and beginners in the mutual funds industry. It can help you provide immediate and accurate estimated return of mutual funds. Use this useful tool if you are looking forward to investing in the market of mutual funds. Tell us your thoughts on the same in the comments section. See you in another blog. Till then, bye. Have a nice day folks!


Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Hence, invest with knowledge and safely with all the appropriate precautions.

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