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Soundous Moufakir 2024 Complete & Detailed Biography

  • April 8, 2024
  • 6 min read
Soundous Moufakir 2024 Complete & Detailed Biography


Soundous Moufakir: Undeniably, there are many options if an individual decides to have some entertainment. With this many sources of entertainment, every individual can find something suitable for them to watch. Well, are you someone who is fond of watching reality TV shows to satiate your need for entertainment? Furthermore, while watching different reality TV shows did you happen to come upon this famous public personality named Soundous Moufakir in one of them? And, when your discovered her did you find her to be entertaining, appealing, and tempting?

Lastly, do you have curiosity building inside you wanting to know more about her? If that is the case, then you will find what you are looking for here. In this blog, we are going to tell you each and everything related to her that might be interesting and relevant. Indeed, this is going to be a complete and elaborate biography which we will pack with information. Moreover, along the way you might also get entertained. Surely, this is worth your time. That is why we request you to consider not giving up on us halfway.

Overview and details of Soundous Moufakir

  • Name- Soundous Moufakir
  • Profession- Model, influencer, actress and media personality
  • DOB- 17th February 1995
  • Age- 29 (as of 2024)
  • Zodiac sign- Aquarius
  • Birthplace- Morocco
  • Nationality- Moroccan
  • Height- 5 feet and 9 inches
  • Weight- 57 kg
  • Hair colour- Black
  • Eye Colour Black
  • Body type- Slim and curvy
  • Popular for- MTV Roadies (9) and MTV Splits villa (4)
  • Net worth- more than INR 50 lakhs
  • Parents- names are unknown
  • Siblings- no information yet
  • Smoke- No
  • Drink- Sometimes on occasions
  • Any surgeries- None that are known publicly
  • Marital status- unmarried
  • Relationships- Single

Who is Soundous Moufakir? & How did she gain popularity in her career?

Undeniably, she is a very famous and well-recognized public personality of our time. Professionally, she is a talented Moroccan dancer as well as a model. She has gained a lot of popularity by being a participant in MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla. Evidently, on the 17th of her February 1995, her birth took place in Morocco. This makes her 29 years old as of now.  For the same reason, she is a citizen of the nationality of a Moroccan. Additionally, her background and descent are a mix of Moroccan and French. Whereas, the religion she is known to practice is Islam. Most recently her name was popping up in the media because of her participation in Khatron Ke Khiladi 13.

Also, she worked as an actress playing a role in the popular 2023 movie “The Kerela Story”. This acting role is a major and significant addition to her portfolio. Thereafter, she plans on achieving more milestones in the acting industry by getting more roles to play. By participating in these reality shows and making her acting debut she has collected considerable amounts of fame over the years. The reasons behind her having a huge and dedicated fanbase are her online presence, style which is unique and consistency. Her demeanour is very engaging and true to herself which makes her fans hold great expectations from her.

More about her education and career: Soundous Moufakir

Before starting her career, she completed her education by getting an MBA. Thereafter, for a considerable amount of time she worked in the job profile of Financial Analyst. Then, she left her job their to go on following her dreams. She started working on her dream of becoming a prominent model. She chose to start her modelling career in India. She is known to have worked with many relevant brands like Caprese and Softline. Aside from all this, she also participated in various bridal shoots. Additionally, in 2017 she founded “Trips Exotica” with her Indian friends. This was basically a travel related business start-up. However, because of numerous organizational concerns unfortunately she could not continue working for the company.

Then she witnessed initial spike in her popularity after she competed in the Roadies X9. This season of roadies was held in South Africa back in 2022. In February 2022, she also contributed in the Amazon Mini TV series “Uljhe Hue”. The engagement that she managed to garner on the set of Roadies managed to get her many deals along with TV commercials, music albums and a film. Then she gained more recognition with her appearance in Splitsvilla X4 as a contestant. Furthermore, we cannot forget about her commendable performance in Khatron Ke Khiladi. Lastly, her most recent big appearance has been as an actress in 2023’s The Kerela Story.

Soundous Moufakir
Soundous Moufakir

Love life of Soundous Moufakir

It is very common thing in the entertainment industry for celebrities to try hiding their personal life from the public. Undeniably, there are many examples in the industry of celebrities trying to be private. However, this is not the case with her. She does not mind the attention she gets. Her first public romance sparked with Baseer Ali on the set of MTV Roadies. What attracted her was his charming traits, personality, and competitive spirits skills. Thereafter, she was witnessed to be having some kind of romance with Hamid Barkzi. They developed a strong connection and bond as the TV Programme progressed. Then her last known relationship has been with Arjit Taneja on the set of Khatron Ke Khiladi 13.

Net Worth of Soundous Moufakir

Evidently, she has managed to collect a huge real estate under her property assets. Her property has been expanded to various locations. Aside from all this she has also bought multiple sports and luxurious cars. Moreover, she has everything that she could wish for. As of now, she has managed to make a big fortune. Indeed, her financial status has been boosted a lot. She has managed to earn a lot from her huge social media presence. This attracts many brands giving her sponsorships and endorsements. Moreover, she has got big pay checks from her acting and modelling jobs. Overall, her net worth is currently estimated to have surpassed INR 50 lakhs. As a result of all this she is now living and enjoying a very comfortable lifestyle.


Indeed, she is a very big name in the entertainment and social media industry. Her participation reality TV shows is a major factor in her fame and popularity. However, she must work even harder to solidify her legacy in the world of entertainment. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that this biography was informative enough for you all. Lastly, there are various other blogs that you can consider reading from us.


In a controversy, Soundous accused Karanvir Bohra for objectifying her with sexist remarks on an award show. however, he responded that he is being misinterpreted and he is not sorry.

  • Her education qualification is MBA.
  • She belongs from Morocco.
  • Her father’s name is Essayd Moufakir.
  • She is a cat person but generally loves all animals.
  • Her net worth seems to have surpassed INR 50 lakhs.
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