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Yamato One Piece Anime Character in full detail

  • March 6, 2024
  • 6 min read
Yamato One Piece Anime Character in full detail


Yamato One Piece: Hey there, we hope all of you are doing well. Are you an anime enthusiast? Are you fond of watching anime series and movies? Furthermore, are you currently on the journey of watching the anime series One Piece? And, can we spike your interest in knowing about this specific character from the narrative named Yamato? If your answer is yes then we will provide what you need. In this blog, we will discuss this anime character in depth to give you all the information you need. Moreover, we will also talk about the anime series briefly. While doing so we will try to be very concise as well as elaborate. Certainly, you will be entertained with interesting facts and information as you read along. Indeed, that is why we would recommend you to read this blog till the end.

A popular dialogue from Yamato in the narrative of One Piece anime

In the narrative of this anime series, while disowning his father Kaldo as a consequence of Luffy removing their explosive cuffs Yamato says the following:

“I can’t believe that bull gorilla!! He was seriously trying to kill me!!! Well, that settles it! I no longer think of him as a father!!!”

Overview and details

  • Character name: Yamato
  • Anime Name: Demon Slayer
  • Japanese name: ヤマト
  • Alias Names:
  • Kozuki Oden
  • Yama O
  • Young Master Yamato
  • Oni Princess
  • Yamato Sama
  • Race: Human
  • Status: Alive
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28 Years
  • DOB- November 3rd
  • Height: 263 cm (8’8″)
  • Blood Type: F
  • Hair color– Pink to Green (Previously, used to have black hair)
  • Eye color- Light green
  • Affiliation– Demon Slayer Corps


  • Oni Princess of the Beast Pirates (formerly)
  • Guardian Deity of Wano
  • Shogun of New Onigashima (Designated)

Powers and Skills-

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Extreme Kanabo-Wielding Dexterity
  • Aerokinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Observation Haki
  • Basic and Advanced Armament Haki
  • Basic and Advanced Conquerors Haki
  • Mythical Zoan Dog-Dog


  • Kaido (father)
  • Unnamed mother
  • Ulti (adoptive younger sister)
  • Page One (adoptive younger brother)

Friends & Allies-

  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Portgas D. Ace
  • Kozuki Momonosuke
  • Kozuki Oden (idol)
  • Franky
  • Enemies-
  • Kaido (evil counterpart)
  • Beast Pirates
  • Charlotte Linlin
  • Ulti
  • Sasaki
  • Ryokugyu

Type of hero- Honorable Samurai

All you need to know about the Yamato One Piece anime character

Yamato fulfills a significant role in the narrative of this anime series. He is portrayed as the daughter of Kaido. Kaido is one of the past members of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Her father even holds many epithets. Indeed, Yamato is a major character in this franchise. Yamato while in her childhood was constantly groomed to become Kaido’s heir. However, Yamato ends up idolizing Kozuki Oden, a legendary samurai. Thereafter, when Kozuki Oden passed away, Yamato decided to be like him. Then, she plans to become a man and identify herself as Kaido’s son. This path of hers leads to tensions in the relationship with her father. As a consequence, she spent a lot of her life as a prisoner of Onigashima.

More about the plot of Yamato One Piece anime character

Further, as the story progresses Yamato becomes friends with Portgas D Ace. This happens when he visits Wano Country. Thereafter, when Ace died, she decided to wait for his sworn brother to arrive i.e., Monkey D Luffy. Initially, Yamato had the desire to join the crew of Luffy. However, she ultimately decides that she will remain behind in Wano to help by protecting them from the forces of the outside world. in contrast, his intentions still are to join them at some point in the future. Lastly, Yamato proves to be a major ally of the straw hats while the Wano Country Arc is going on.

About One Piece anime series and franchise

One Piece is one of the most popular and longest-running anime series. It is a franchise as a whole. The narrative of the One-Piece anime series is based on its manga series. This manga series has the same title as the anime. Eiichiro Oda is the one who wrote and illustrated this manga. Thereafter, it got its own anime TV series adaptation. It is a series full of adventure, fantasy, and science fiction as well. Furthermore, this anime series was made by Toei Animation. It was first aired in 1999. Currently, it is still ongoing with more episodes coming regularly. In November 2021, the anime series aired its 1000th episode.

Yamato One Piece
Yamato One Piece

The appearance of the Yamato One Piece anime character

Yamato is portrayed as a female character who pretends to be a son for some time. She does this to veil her identity. Her character appears to be taller than a usual human. She is 8’8” i.e., 263cm tall. She has white colored hair which is long. Her hair is styled with a ponytail in the back. Her hair changes colour to aqua green and then the tips are blue. Additionally, her orange eyes are very large. Along with that, her eyelashes are very long too. Meanwhile, she wears gold-colored earrings on both of her ears. She also has horns on her head. Lastly, her outfit is a sleeveless white garment along with red hakama pants.

Personality and behavior traits of Yamato One Piece anime character

A great admirer of Kozuki Oden, a samurai.

Straightforward attitude

Does not like being misnamed or nicknamed

Has hatred toward her father

Desires to see the outside world.

Appears to be kind while interacting with others

Extremely strong-willed

Do not shy down from a chance to help someone

Protects people without caring for herself.

She is fond of engaging in combat


Indeed, Yamato contributes a lot to the narrative of One Piece and is a significant character. Furthermore, One Piece because of its unique and entertaining narrative as well as its characters has gained a very dedicated fanbase. With this, we put an end to this blog. We hope that you got what you came here for. We also hope we managed to entertain you. While reading this far you must have learned many new things about this character. Lastly, if you’re interested in anime-related content then you can check out some of our other blogs as well.

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