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Lady Nagant from My Hero Academia: Kaina Tsutsumi

  • March 20, 2024
  • 6 min read
Lady Nagant from My Hero Academia: Kaina Tsutsumi


Lady Nagant: In today’s world, everyone is living a fast life with exhaustive routines. At the end of the day or in leisure time some relaxation and entertainment is much needed. Evidently, as of now the entertainment industry is very diverse in regards to how many types of content is out there to choose from. In various types of contents, anime has become considerably popular and influential.

Are you one of those individuals who like to watch anime series/shows and movies to satisfy whatever craving for entertainment you have? Furthermore, by any chance are you currently watching this popular anime series by the name of “My Hero Academia”? And, are you the least bit interested or curious to know more about this specific character from its narrative named Lady Nagant? If yes, then we will use your slight interest as an opportunity to serve you with interesting information related to the character.

Indeed, in this blog we are going to discuss everything related to this character that you would like to know and appreciate knowing. For example, we will include things such as the character, her role, the anime, her appearance and more. Evidently, while disseminating all this information to you we will be very elaborate and detailed. For the same reason, this blog is going to be very entertaining and packed with information you need. That is why we suggest that you consider not giving up on us. Hence, read till the end. Surely, it will be worth your while.

A famous dialogue by Kaina Tsutsumi in the narrative of this anime series (Lady Nagant)

In chapter 379 titled “Hopes” of this series, Kaina Tsutsumi says the following about Izuku Midoriya and Keigi Takami:

“I’d been stained by darkness and lost faith in the light… until you and my successor came around to remind me… of how I felt back then… with my bright and shining hopes. And of my reason for being”

Overview and details of Lady Nagant

NAME: Kaina Tsutsumi

JAPANESE NAME: 筒つつ美み火か伊い那

ALIAS NAME: Lady Nagant

GENDER: Female

BIRTHDAY: 10TH October

AGE: She is in her 30s

HEIGHT: 171cm (5’7″)

HAIR COLOUR: Pink and indigo


QUIRK: Rifle, Air Walk and Self Destruct

OCCUPATION: Villain and Pro Hero (Formerly); Assassin and Mercenary

AFFILIATION: Hero Public Safety Commission (Formerly) and Paranormal Liberation Front (Formerly)


DEBUT: First appearance in Episode 128 of the anime series


  • Mass murder
  • Treason
  • Jailbreak
  • Assault
  • Attempted kidnapping

TYPE OF VILLAIN: Redeemed Assassin

Who is Lady Nagant? What is her role in the narrative?

Her real name is Kaina Tsutsumi. However, she is mostly known by her alias name Lady Nagant. Indeed, this character plays a significant supporting character in the narrative of this anime series. Evidently, she is a minor antagonist. Formerly, she used to be one of the professional heroes. However, she later made it her aim to make the whole pro hero society fall and destroy it. Evidently, she even kills the chairman of Hero Public Safety Commission. Consequently, this leg to her being locked up in a prison. However, her arrest and get crime both for covered. People were made to believe that she just killed a fellow hero.

Whereas, in the Dark Hero Arc, her character serves as the secondary antagonist. Later, as the story progresses, she gets freed. Her freedom is offered by the “All for one”. Thereafter, she got hired by them as a mercenary with a specific objective of retrieving Izuku Midoriya, the current wielder of One for All. However, she got defeated by him. Thereafter, she switched sides and started to help Izuku Midoriya against All for One. Even though she is a villain who has made many actions against the heroes. After Izuku Midoriya and Hawks made efforts of convincing her she decided to side with the heroes at the time of the Final War.

Lady Nagant: What do you need to know about My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is among the top most famous anime series of now that originated out of Japan. Furthermore, the narrative and plot of this anime series in its entirety has been picked from the manga. Allegedly, this manga and the anime share the same exact name. You might be curious regarding who is behind the manga then? Well, Kohei Horikoshi is the name of the prominent Japanese manga artist who wrote as well as illustrated this whole manga. Thereafter, the popularity of this manga led to getting its own anime series adaptation.

The 3rd of April 2016 is the date when this anime series had its first airing. As of now, this series is still ongoing with new additions coming out regularly. However, in all this time till now this anime series has managed to release a total of 138 episodes across various seasons. Evidently, JNN and NNS are the original networks behind this anime. However, on the other hand its English networks are Cartoon Network, Animax and Adult Swim. Moreover, Yosuke Kuroda is the writer of this series. Additionally, the directors of this anime series include Kenji Nagasaki, Tomo Okubo, Masahiro Mukai and Naomi Nakayama. Lastly, this anime series elements of various genres including adventure, science fantasy and superhero content.

How does Lady Nagant appear and portrayed?

Her character is portrayed as an attractive middle-aged woman. She is in her thirties however still managed to be appealing and charismatic. She is a tall woman. In contrast, the length of her hair is short. Also, her hair is two toned in colour. Reason being that she has highlights of pink over blue hair. Additionally, the colour of eyes is purple. She has had various remarks from various individuals including All for one regarding her beauty. Furthermore, her costume includes a dress which has no sleeve. Also, she wears boots which have zippers. Whereas, we cannot forget about the utility belt she wars to attach canisters to. This belt also contains her bullets.

Personality and behaviour traits of Lady Nagant

  • Used to be optimistic while being a hero.
  • Later, she became disillusioned with her job and society.
  • She even hallucinated at times that her hands are covered in blood.
  • Heavily determined
  • Focused on completing the tasks that she has.
  • Very observant and quick while in combat.
  • Smart and she plans ahead to avoid unexpected things taking her by surprise.
Lady Nagant
Lady Nagant


Indeed, she is a very interesting character who had been the part of various conflicts throughout the narrative of this anime series. In many of those conflicts she has been at the centre of attention. Such characters and their integration with this unique narrative has led to the success and popularity of this anime. We told you everything we could about this character. In conclusion, we hope that you got entertainment out of reading this far. Lastly, there are many other anime blogs that you can check out as well.

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