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Toru Hagakure Invisible Anime character from My Hero Academia

  • March 21, 2024
  • 5 min read
Toru Hagakure Invisible Anime character from My Hero Academia


Toru Hagakure: In this world full of different options in entertainment, do you choose to watch anime series and movies to satisfy your entertainment needs? Furthermore, are you a big fan of this anime series titled My Hero Academia that has gained a lot of popularity over time? And, are you interested in knowing more about this specific character from the narrative of this anime series named Toru Hagakure? If you are, then rest assured because you have landed at just the right place for that. In this blog we are going to dive deep into detail while discussing everything that you would want to know about this character. This elaborate blog is going to be packed with information and it is going to surely entertain you. That is why it would be a good idea for you to read this blog completely.

A popular dialogue by Toru Hagakure in the narrative of this anime series “My Hero Academia”

In chapter 336 of My Hero Academia named “Villain”, Toru says the following to Yuga Aoyama:

“Ever since all the stuff in Gunga and Jaku… you’ve been down in the dumps. I mean, we all felt that way. But still… I had to wonder why you haven’t smiled once since Midoriya came back to us. I was just worried”

Who is Toru Hagakure?

Toru is one of the significant characters in the narrative of this anime series My Hero Academia. Her role is of a supporting character. She is also popularly known by her alias names which are Stealth Hero and Invisible Girl. The reason behind this is her ability of being invisible. Her character is portrayed as a student of Class 1-A at UA High school. Evidently, there she is training to become one of the professional heroes. Aside from that she also had the goal of finding out who the real UA traitor is. In the Japanese version of the anime this character is voiced by Kaori Nazuka. Whereas, in the English version it is done by Felecia Angelle.

The anime series “My Hero Academia”: All facts and information (Toru Hagakure)

My Hero Academia is a Japanese anime series that managed to gain a lot of recognition and popularity over the years. Evidently, the whole narrative and story of this anime series is taken from its Manga. By chance the title of both the manga and the anime series is the same. The prominent Japanese manga artist named Kohei Horikoshi is the one behind this manga. He wrote it as well as illustrated it. This manga was very successful and popular as well that is why it got its own anime series adaptation. This anime series had its first airing on 3rd April 2016. Currently, this anime series is still on-going and not concluded yet.

Additionally, since the time it has been airing a total of 138 episodes have been released so far. Needless to say, that all these episodes are spread across various seasons. Meanwhile, the original networks behind this anime are JNN and NNS. Whereas, on the other hand its English networks are Cartoon network, Animax, and Adult Swim. Also, the writer of this series is Yosuke Kuroda. Different seasons of this anime have been directed by Kenji Nagasaki, Tomorrow Okubo, Masahiro Mukai and Naomi Nakayama. Lastly, the story of this shine is very versatile as it had elements of genres like adventure, science fantasy and superhero content.

Appearance of Toru Hagakure in My Hero Academia

Her character is portrayed as young girl. She is very short. Furthermore, she is known to have a completely invisible body due to her abilities. She can only be seen or noticed if she is holding any objects or wearing some clothes. Then only the thing she is holding or what she is wearing will be visible. Most of her physical appearance used to be unknown. However, through her clothes we can describe that she is a slim girl with a curvy figure. Her face was revealed very later in the series.

It got revealed through a glimpse of her reflection from the laser of Yuga Aoyama. What got revealed was that her character has messy hair. Also, she has thick eyelashes. Her hair colour includes yellow and pink with turquoise strands. Her hero costume consists of only a few items which are a pair of baby blue gloves and white boots. Yes, that is all. Evidently, if she takes these off, she will be completely invisible.

Personality and behaviour of Toru Hagakure in My Hero Academia

Her character seems to have a very kind spirit. Mostly, her behaviour can be described as bubbly, optimistic, cheerful and energetic. This girl is known to easily get a rush in excitement just by the world around her. Evidently, she is really fond of socializing and interacting with friends. She just likes having a conversation and talking. Whereas, she is very strategic and thoughtful as well. She often takes advantage of her invisibility in situations of battle. She can just walk around without being seen and can quietly sneak up on anyone. Thus, earning her the name stealth girl.

Toru Hagakure
Toru Hagakure


Characters like Toru Hagakure really brighten up the narrative of this anime series which is really unique in itself. Consequently, this anime series has gotten very popular. Furthermore, more seasons and episodes will be coming out soon hope you enjoy watching. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that you got entertained while reading this information packed blog. Lastly, we have published various other blogs that you can consider checking out.

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